A selection of general questions asked by our clients – if your answer is not on the list; please call into Maleny Cruise & Travel, our professional consultants will  do all possible to find the answer or just e-mail us at [email protected]

Q: What are your normal business hours?

A: The Maleny Cruise & Travel office is open between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday (except Public Holidays). We are also available outside of these hours at our office or at your home by appointment.
For emergency assistance outside of normal office hours, call 07 5494 3406

Q: Do I need to come into your office to book my trip?

A: Most of our clients prefer to speak to us “face to face”, and we find that a question here and there helps us to refine your wishes. However, we are able to offer the same professional service over the telephone (07) 54 999 111) or email us [email protected]

Q: How can I pay for my trip?

A: We accept bank cheque, personal cheque, money order, electronic transfer, Visa Card, MasterCard, American Express, Travelscene Gift Card and cash.
Additionally, if you are an American Express cardholder you might like to pay for some or all of your holiday using your Memberships Rewards points.

Q: Are there any credit card surcharges?

All Credit card payments attract a surcharge of 2%.

Q: What are your bank account details for Electronic Payments or Direct Debit?

A: Our bank details are as follows:
BANK: Commonwealth Bank Beerwah QLD
BSB: 064-226
ACCT: 10025600

REFERENCE: Your last name

Cheques payable to Maleny Cruise & Travel Client Account.

Q: Do you issue receipts?

A: Yes, we create a unique accounting file for every client trip using Tramada – our travel accounting system. Tramada keeps a complete record of all your financial transactions.

Q: How is my money protected?

All Travel companies must be licensed and be a member of the Travel Compensation Fund.
A: We hold a Travel Agent Licence (# TAG1190) issued by the Department of Fair Trading Queensland.
We are a member of the Australian Federation of Travel Agents www.afta.com.au
We contribute to the Travel Compensation Fund tcf.org.au,
Your money is totally protected.

Q: What airlines do you deal with?

A: We prefer to deal with IATA approved airlines, currently there are 230 airlines in over 120 countries around the globe carrying 93% of the world’s international scheduled traffic. IATA member airlines include the world’s leading passenger and cargo airlines.

Q: Can I view my itinerary online?

A: Yes – We will give you a link to your live flight itinerary through Sabre.

Q: What if I require special facilities or special needs?

A: Please ask our consultants to handle your special requirement; it is best to make your requests at the time of booking so we can ensure everything is in place throughout your journey.

Q: What if I am travelling for a special occasion?

A: If you are travelling for a special occasion such as your honeymoon or celebrating a milestone birthday, please let us know, we love to share in the excitement! Your consultant will ensure that you get the special treatmentyou deserve.

Q: When will I receive my travel documents?

A: After full payment has been received, and payment is made to your travel providers. The documentation will generally be dispatched 4 weeks prior to your departure, or earlier.

However, sometimes a travel provider can run behind schedule – rest assured we follow them up constantly and keep you informed.

Q: Hasn’t the internet made travel agents redundant?

A: We certainly hope not…we believethat the internet has helped the travel industry in many ways, for example – our research and pre-planning is more timely than in the past.

Q: Why would I book through Maleny Cruise & Travel rather than do it myself on the internet?

A: We understand some people just love planning and booking their own holidays.

However, we do believe the internet is largely impersonal and is prone to scams and misinformation. How can you be sure your supplier is secure? You frequently hear of fraud and mishandled arrangements. Further, many travel arrangements made on the internet cannot be changed or cancelled without substantial penalties.

As a professional travel consultant, the things that we do best is matching the traveller with a trip that is just right for them.

A professional consultant builds relationships with their clients and learns about their interests, lifestyle and preferences – This is why we prefer to talk to you face to face.

Below is a small list of some important services which we provide either free or for a nominal charge:

  1. Distilling the product information: Through an on-going and time-consuming process of familiarisation, continuing education and customer feedback, we are travel experts.
  2. Investigating and supplying competitive information: No single supplier is going to advise a consumer that a better route or a better fare is available on a competing airline or service provider.
  3. Staying abreast of the most current and timely promotions: we receive up to fifty agent-only e-mails  & faxes daily. We build relationships with our suppliers so they also keep us informed of the most current promotional information.
  4. We analyse and compare all the current promotions – the cheapest is not always the best value.
  5. Clarifying the fine print, such as cancellation penalties and restrictions: Again, the benefits of our professional experience can save you money as well as headaches – we really know how we can make your dollar travel further.
  6. We simplify the research on all components of your journey. : We provide a “one-stop shop” for air arrangements, rental cars,  coach tour companies ,cruise lines and accommodation – with suggestions that are in the best interest of you our valued client – not the supplier – we promise unbiased, practical advice.
  7. We enhance your journey with value-added benefits and amenities: We try to add to your experience by arranging a bottle of wine, providing a special land package, a specific escort or other amenities.
  8. By using our influence to obtain the best possible in seemingly impossible situations. Whether it’s airline seats, hotel rooms or cruise space,through our membership of Travelscene American Express our group has the buying power which most often enable us to confirm arrangements ahead of the queue.
  9. Getting a problem resolved: We serve as your advocate in the rare event something goes awry. Our suppliers need the support of the Travelscene American Express Franchise…
  10. You never travel alone….we are committed to your journey 24/7 from start to finish. Should an unexpected event  or flight cancellation disrupt your travel plans, chances are we will know about it before you do. If alternative action is required; we will rebook you on the best alternatives and contact you immediately by phone, text or e-mail.
  11. Remember without a Travel Agent you are on your own.