Apartments can be value for money and an excellent choice for families and the budget conscious traveller. Many apartments will offer discounts for longer stays ofXXXXXX weeks or more.

Our supplier’s product managers travel extensively to seek out unique innovative experiences that best reflect your choice of destination. They understand the needs of Australian travellers so,this enables you to select from a wide range of accommodation tailored to add to your travel experience.

Villas are usually located around small provincial towns and can vary from restored out-buildings of a Castle or old rural barns with wonderful ambience. Maybe it is your dream to stay in an 18th century Manor House with formal gardens or a large Villa overlooking the Mediterranean.

A selection of Apartments & Villas is available in all major cities and regions. You are advised to book ahead as availability in the high season can fill quickly.

Do make sure you select the apartment or Villa that is right for you.

Studio Apartments are a great option for active travellers who spend more time outdoors than indoors. Most Studio apartments are also more compact.

1 & 2 Bedrooms Apartments usually feature a separate kitchen and living area which allows you space to relax in more spacious comfort after a busy day.

For a unique events, a learning experiences for children and adults or just a relaxing time together. It may be grand parents taking three generations on a safari to Africa or Asia  or a visit to Disneyland. For active families walking or cycling tours, on a Barge through the canals of France – with a chef or self cater and ride your bikes to the nearest village to buy food. A beach holiday near or far. A cruise ships with kids clubs.

Maleny Cruise & Travel will plan a private family trip for four or more from our selection of destinations and accommodation that welcomes families,and is suited to your budget.

Small Ships cater to adventurous travellers of all ages. You experience remote wilderness locations on-board comfortable, expeditionary vessels in the company of fellow explorers and usually with specialist lectures and naturalists on board.

Small Ships cruise to locations not accessible by other modes of transport (except aerial sightseeing), Small Ships explore rivers,rugged &specular coastlines, marine parks, remote island groups and their peoples.

Depending on your destination, expeditions from the vessel may be via zodiacs or helicopters into natural terrain; while others will moor at a dock or wharf. It is said if you can get in and out of a car you can manage a zodiac.

Maleny Cruise & Travel can offer you Small Ship Expeditions to Asia, Australia, Antarctica, Arctic, Papua New Guinea, Canada & Alaska, Barges on the Canals of France and Norway plus, Small Ships and Yacht Cruises in the Mediterranean and River Cruising throughtour Europe.

From gardening to golf, tickets to the opera, the theatre or a football game, motor racing etc.

For golfers, a premium packages to see the British Open, the Masters or the President’s Cup.

For tennis fans, courtside seats to see the finals of a tennis open or Wimbledon.

Small specialist group guided by specialists lectures in ancient or modern history, the battle fields of the world. Small classical music tours visiting Europes famous Concert Halls and Opera theatres.

Small group photography tour to Africa. Bird watching groups escorted by renowned local Ornathologists. Gourmet wine & food tours;  the list is endless [email protected]

Epicurean trips for passionate amateurs to combine an entertaining mix of hands on cooking with visits to the kitchens of local chefs, wine and food tastings with shopping at local markets. Your local host is chosen not by name but for their ability to communicate a genuine passion for their food, region and culture.

Great train journeys can be found on every continent. Some journeys are only for the adventurous other trains journeys, reflect the grace of a bye gone era of luxury.

For some, it’s about a famous steam engine, others the thrill of a high speed train or a journey into remote area. Whatever your preference, there is a rail journey created just for you.


    What is Your Travel Style? This is a device, a sort of philosophical test to help you choose between different styles of travel and different communities of travellers. We believe travel style is about the “who” the “why” of travel rather than The “where” (destinations) or the “how” (transport mode) and as such, it is more about you than it is about us. Our experience has shown the world is divided into kinds of people based on their response to a few simple questions. It is Important to keep in mind that one choice is neither better or worse than the other – simply different, but reflecting that all travellers have unique hopes and aspirations. At Maleny Cruise & Travel we believe that the art of great travel is the ability of our professional consultants to match the hopes and aspirations of their clients to the realities of the road. And the temperament of their fellow travellers Choosing the Travel Style that resonates most closely with your personal dreams is a critical part of this process.

    If you are over 35, luxury-conscious, freedom loving, spiritually-curious and non- group travel oriented, then our Exploratory Series of escorted and independent trips may be the perfect solution. If you are over 65, value conscious, structure-loving, culturally-conscious and group-travel oriented, then our Classic Series of escorted small groups trips may be the perfect solution.

    If you prefer a rigorously planned non-group travel experience where everything is about choice and going at your own pace, where you will have opportunities to to immerse yourself in the authentic and sensory character of a place, and where your travelling companions will be youthful (35+), adventurous souls in search of an enriching experiences, then you should choose the Exploratory Series. PICTURE 6 #19261263 If you prefer a rigorously planned group travel experience where everything is organised and taken care of, ehere you can cover as much ground and see as many sights as possible at a reasonable pace and in relative comfort, and where your travelling companions will be mature (65+), like-minded individuals who share your sense of wonder, then you should choose the Classic Series.

    EASY. Most large cruise ships and train journeys will fall into this category unless a more comprehensive land programme is included. Activities may include walking along city streets, garden paths and beaches. MODERATE. Slightly more difficult, this type of journey may involve leisurely walks uphill, over uneven terraine, or sand. Some other factors that may be encountered at this level include more extreme weather conditions (heat, cold or both), more basic accommodation, zodiac excursions etc. People should be able to walk at a reasonable pace and require limited assistance. ACTIVE. These are more extensive land programmes that may involve longer walks, somewhat difficult walking conditions and more basic travel conditions. Some other factors that may be encountered at this level include more extreme weather conditions (heat, cold or both), longer transfers over uneven surfaces and other conditions such as high altitude, water excursions by zodiac and land excursions by land rover vehicles etc.