As much as &Beyond is dedicated to caring for the land, the wildlife and the people, it is only thanks to the guests that you, our travel partners, send us that we can make a meaningful difference. As your guests enjoy a warm African welcome at &Beyond Phinda, you can help us to celebrate and be inspired by the projects that your support allow us to be involved in. Joyful laughter rings out in the voices of children in the 104 classrooms we have built with the Africa Foundation. Entire communities benefit from health care at the two clinics built and renovated. More than 16 000 school children splash in running water that they previously did not have access to. Income from the colourful crafts at the Mbhedula Crafts Market indirectly supports 300 people. Guests continue to be mesmerised by the amber stare of a leopard that the Munyawana Research Project, through pioneering legislation, has ensured will be protected for generations to come and enjoy the sight of elephant browsing, knowing that a contraception programme prevents their numbers from getting too high for the natural resources in the reserve. By sending your guests to stay with us at &Beyond, you help make all of this possible.

Read more about &Beyond Phinda’s work in conservation and community here.